5 Categories of Food to Fight Hypothyroidism

Published: 18th February 2011
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Have you tried traditional diet plans and they just did not work? Have you been putting on weight in the last time without eating more than usual? Could you have an underactive thyroid slowing down your body?

Your thyroid produces hormones that are essential for stimulating your body. If you are low on these hormones you can suffer from all sorts of health issues.

A thyroid diet plan can help you to get back in control. Boost the hormone production and your metabolism by eating the following foods.

Selenium rich foods
This is an essential element that can aid in reducing the symptoms of this condition The primary function is to transform the T4 hormone into an active type of T3, required for body metabolic processes. Nuts, tuna fish, peanuts and brown rice will provide excellent amount of selenium.

Foods rich in iodine
Iodine is one of the main building blocks of the thyroid hormones. Foods rich in iodine are seafood, salt water fish and seaweed.

Tyrosine rich foods
Tyrosine is an essential amino acid that is used when building thyroid hormones. Good sources are meat, fish, beans, low-fat milk and avocados.

Vitamin Supplements
Food items which are packed with Vitamin B-complex and C will be essential to help maintain the normal level of thyroid hormone and should be integrated in your diet. Some major vitamin sources include orange, banana, carrots, whole grains and fish, plus these can also be obtained from supplements.

Foods high in protein
All the glands inside the body consist of protein, as a result of eating good quality lean protein this will ensure that all your glands are working properly which includes your thyroid gland. Fish, meat and poultry are great protein sources.

Having a thyroid condition does not mean you can't lose weight in a natural way. Make sure you inform yourself about the condition and follow a good thyroid diet plan to fight the kilos.

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